About Innovative Harbor

Innovative Harbor is a community partner that specializes in providing independence and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our services are designed to give youths and adults, who may be suffering from one disability or another  the opportunity to gain confidence and self-worth. We do this by including them in their community and providing them with competitive employment.  Innovative Harbor was awarded the 2016 Community Rehabilitation Provider of the Year in the state of Utah

Our History

Founded in 2008, Innovative Harbor has been working with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to help individuals with disabilities find and maintain meaningful employment since 2011. We have between 20 - 30 employees servicing clients in 17 counties across the state of Utah. We have experienced great success, placing hundreds of individuals with disabilities in meaningful employment, as well as helping hundreds of youth learn the necessary skills and emotional/social intelligence to succeed with employment.

In 2017, Innovative Harbor started working with the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) to provide activities in the community such as after school program, support living activities and support employment services.  

Our Philosophy

Our services are designed to give youth and adults, who may experience a disability or other barrier, the opportunity to obtain independence and competitive employment with businesses in the community.  Our company has grown from one person to more than 25 staff throughout Utah who are dedicated to not only work with clients but also work with the community/employers to create powerful partnerships where all can be successful. 

We believe that many individuals with disabilities would benefit more from one-on-one services out in the community rather than day programs and/or group homes.  Our focus is individualized employment and independence, meaning we will accommodate our clients’ needs on an individual basis and provide the supported living and employment needs they want and need to be happy and successful.