Changing Lives

Innovative Harbor changes lives of youth aged 16-24 by empowering them with social, emotional and financial intelligence, while at the same time, coaching them to obtain steady employment.

Watch how we make a difference.


How We Make The Difference

Many of the youth we work with are living a life of a destructive lifestyle. We turn their lives around so they can then lead a successful life. Watch the videos below.


We have an in class activity that helps our youth understand why life may have seemed hard to them. See the video above. Our goal an Innovative Harbor is to move our youth from an unsuccessful lifestyle to a successful one. 

Why Our Youth Struggle

Our youth are not dumb! In fact, many of those that struggle know how to face hard situations better than others. They struggle because of many reasons such as complex family issues or learning disabilities.

We know how to help these youth by empowering them with the social and emotional skills that lead to success.

How Innovative Harbor Helps

You can read about each of our services here but in a nutshell, we take our youth from one point to another. First we assess their needs and tailor a direction for them. We teach them the skills they need to be successful in society. Then we help them find a job and build a career. At the same time we coach them to be financially smart with the money they earn.

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