Our DSPD Philosophy

Innovative Harbor focuses on assisting DSPD clients who desire to be successfully employed and integrated in their community with as much independence as possible. 


For clients still in school, we hold after-school programs typically from 3-6 pm that allows us to work with these clients in small groups to help them develop life skills, participate in social and recreational activities and prepare for employment and independence.  


This includes assisting our clients with their individual one-on-one needs such as academic success (if they are still in school), social activities, life skill development (shopping, washing clothes, doing dishes), recreational activities and volunteer opportunities. 


Innovative Harbor has been providing employment supports to individuals with disabilities for the past 6 years.  We know how to assist individuals to secure and maintain meaningful employment.  We love helping our clients successfully maintain employment.  

We love watching the confidence and self-worth of our clients grow as they become more and more independent and successful in life.

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