What is it like to work here?

When you join the Innovative Harbor team, you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of others while at the same time develop professionally.  This rewarding opportunity will put you in a position where you can help individuals with disabilities achieve their goals of independence and securing long-term employment and community connections. You will be able to truly make a difference in individuals’ lives, along with working in your local community to build relationships and opportunities.

Employment Specialists

Our employment specialists work with VR counselors to find and maintain employment for clients. They are active in the community talking to employers and identifying jobs, along with working one-on-one with clients to prepare them for successful employment. This is typically a part-time position and pays between $15-20 an hour.   

Direct Support Staff

Our direct support staff assist clients with a variety of activities including homework, life skills, work experiences, social activities, recreational activities, interest exploration and employment.  This is typically a part-time, hourly position and pays between $10-15 an hour.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please send your resume to info@innovativeharbor.com to apply!  

Our Philosophy

Innovative Harbor believes in being transparent with our staff and showing appreciation to our staff because they truly, are our greatest asset. All employees are a valued part of our team. In the words of Steve Jobs, “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” We expect our employees to be creative, think of new and innovative ways to do things and to contribute in meaningful ways to our company’s success. Every member of our team plays a part in changing individuals’ lives.

Our Core Competencies

  1. Self-Starter: We don’t micro-manage. We support and provide the necessary resources, training and tools and let our staff manage their respective areas. This job requires individuals to independently manage their personal time with their caseloads to ensure they are creating their own idea of an ideal work/life balance while maintaining the company’s service standards. 
  2. Proactive Communication: Simply put, proactively answer questions before they are asked and deal with situations before they become issues. Keep the placement team (client, guardian, counselor, employer) up-to-date on need-to-know information. 
  3. Building Authentic Relationships: Relationships of trust are our most valuable assets. We solve problems together while maintaining and building authentic relationships. 
  4. Energizer and Hard Worker: We consistently and reliably do amazing work to change lives and impact communities.  We impact communities and change lives by motivating and teaching clients to obtain and maintain employment. Nobody works harder and smarter than we do.  
  5. Being Ridiculously Innovative: We love crazy ideas. We do not conform to or keep with the status quo. Let’s find ways to do our job better

Thank you for your interest in Innovative Harbor!