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Innovative Harbor is looking to hire employment specialists in the following areas:  Utah County, Logan, Brigham City and Roosevelt.  

Please find a job description below:


Employment Specialist – Job Description

Job Summary: Work with individuals that have barriers to finding and maintaining employment. Help these individuals find meaningful employment and create independence.

Innovative Harbor hires professionals that have the self-motivation and strong work ethic to manage a caseload of clients and provide excellent service. We don't micro-manage our employees. We provide our staff with the appropriate training and resources to maximize productivity and focus on what matters most - helping our clients find successful employment.

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community in which you live in by serving, mentoring, and coaching individuals who have a disability. We partner with Vocational Rehabilitation and, as a team, work with community partners and employers to help these individuals gain self-esteem, self-respect, and independence through gainful employment.

Hours: Part-time (10-20 hours/week) that could lead to 30-40 hours/week as client base grows and if desired.  Flexible hours (you schedule your work week with your clients)

Compensation: Commission based pay.  Our employment specialists make on average between $15-20 per hour.  

Requirements: Excellent communicator and very outgoing (you have to speak with local businesses to discover job opportunities), proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Drive (documenting, reporting, tracking client progress).  Positive and optimistic, low maintenance (self-starter), improves and adds to our company and how we service our clients. 

Best Fit: If you are looking for a part-time, flexible, fun, rewarding, and challenging opportunity to supplement your income and give back to your community, this is a great opportunity for you. We have hired individuals with a variety of back grounds: social workers, school counselors, rehabilitation counselors, psychology and physical therapy undergrads, engineers, retirees from Department of Workforce Services, stay-at-home mothers.

If you interested or have any questions, please contact Jonathan Burton at 801-319-9995 or send your resume to