New to DSPD?

DSPD Overview

DSPD provides a variety of services to help people with disabilities participate more fully in their communities and lead more fulfilling and self-determined lives. A person may be eligible for services if they have qualifying disabilities in one of the four areas listed here:  Intellectual Disabilities or Related Conditions, Acquired Brain Injury, Physical Disabilities, or Autism.  

How to Apply?

To find out if you or a loved one may be eligible for DSPD services, call them at 1-844-ASK-DSPD or 1-844-275-3773.  DSPD has intake workers whose primary responsibility is to work with you to determine if you or your loved one may be eligible for services.  

You may also visit and select the INTAKE PROCESS (under the ELIGIBILITY TAB under the INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES menu option) at the top of the main page.  Then select one of the 3 different applications at the bottom of the page that most accurately describes your family member’s disability, then submit the forms electronically.  

Waiting List

DSPD does have a waiting list you will be place on until sufficient funds become available. Factors such as urgency of need, severity of the disability, ability of a parent or caregiver to provide appropriate care and supervision and the length of time during which the individual has not received services from DSPD dictates how long the individual will stay on the waiting list. It is not uncommon for individuals to be on the waiting list for more than 10 years so applying at an early age is advised.  

Questions? - 801-441-0975

If you have additional questions about your child and DSPD services, we would love to help anyway we can.  Please give us a call today.