Changing Lives

Innovative Harbor changes lives of youth aged 16-24 by empowering them with social, emotional and financial intelligence, while at the same time, coaching them to obtain steady employment.

Watch how we make a difference.

Want to know where to catch the next WhyTry class. See below to find the most current schedules of WhyTry. If you have any questions or this happens to not be updated, feel free to contact us.


Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-6pm

Location: Carbon High school TR-2 (Trailer behind the HS)     750 E 400 N, Price, UT 84501

Nov 7 - The Wall

Nov 9 - Reality Ride

Nov 14 - Tearing Off Labels

Nov 16 - Defense Mechanism


Nov 28 - Motivation Formula

Nov 30 - Climbing Out

Dec 5 - Jumping Hurdles

Dec 7 - Life the Weight

Dec 12 - Desire, Time and Effort

Dec 14 - Getting Plugged In






Please watch the short video below that describes the WhyTry course taught by Innovative Harbor.  

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