Our youth programs are tailored to the individual. We don't push them through a program but rather use our programs as tools to get them the help they need and the success they desire.


Work Strategy Assessment

We thoroughly assess and provide recommendations for what each youth needs to achieve success in both employment and life. This is a very individual process for us. Each youth receives direction according to their needs and situation.

Life Skills

We provide a variety of life skills based on the needs of the individual. This includes everything from basic life skills such as hygiene and communication to an 8-hour financial intelligence course.

Why Try Course

We teach this proven course that has been developed by students, counselors, teachers, mental health professionals, and corrections staff for over 15 years. This course encourages youth to keep trying even though their challenges may seem more difficult than others.

Students give this course a 9.44 rating (1-10 scale).  More than 88% of participants indicate it is "Much Better" or "Best Class" when compared to other classes they have taken. Finally, 100% of participants recommend others take the course.  

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Job Placement and Coaching

We have great job coaches who match individuals with employers in the community and, when appropriate, job coach alongside the individual until they are comfortable with their job and responsibilities.