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Why Voc Rehab?

Many individuals with disabilities aren't prepared for stable, career-oriented employment. They don't have the skills, knowledge, desire or financial means to pursue post-secondary education. They are lost, frustrated and scared, resulting in their staying at home, not working (or working in a dead-end job) and not achieving their full potential in life.

What Does Voc Rehab do?  

If you or your child/student has a diagnosable disability, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) may be a great resource for you to gain skills, employment and independence. VR may provide restoration services for the disability, along with aid securing and maintaining employment and/or post-secondary educational goals.  VR is a tremendous resource for individuals with disabilities. 

How to Apply? 

  1. Attend or Watch Orientation Video: Attend orientation meeting at your local Voc Rehab office.  You can also watch the orientation video here: YOUTH and ADULTS.
  2. Fill out Voc Rehab application: Fill out the application found here.
  3. Schedule and Attend Initial Meeting: Once the application has been completed, you need to schedule an appointment with your local VR counselor.  Type in your zip code on this website to find your local VR office. 

When you call, please tell them your name and age and that have watched the orientation video and completed the VR application and would like to schedule an appointment with a VR counselor.  

Our Role with Voc Rehab

Innovative Harbor contracts with VR to provide job placement and coaching services throughout the state of Utah.  Once eligible for services, your VR counselor may ask you to select a company to work with to assess your situation and help you secure employment.  When this happens, call us – we would love to put you in touch with an employment specialist in your area and help you achieve your employment goals.     

Questions? - 801-441-0975

Please contact us today!  We are here to help however we can.