Claudette Felice


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Salt Lake City (Downtown), Valley West, South Valley

Bio / Experience: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I am a veteran in the social work field. I received my Bachelor’s degree from University of Utah in Social and Behavioral Science. Other accomplishments include: Social Services Certificate, Substance Use Disorder Counselor Certificate, Youth advocate for Volunteers of America, and 30 years experience as a hairstylist and business owner.

Fun Facts: I loves animals (I have 2 dogs and 3 cats). I loves to read, write and do research. I am very involved in community outreach and advocacy groups.

Elizabeth Worthen


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Ogden

Bio / Experience: Originally from Salt Lake but grew up in Vermont. My husband and our 2 children are now settled in Ogden. I live working with individuals that have disabilities as my son has cerebral palsy and my daughter has a reading comprehension delay. I love helping my children and others with barriers / challenges reach new heights and learn and develop their talents. I recently received my Bachelor’s degree from BYU Idaho in Marriage and Family Studies with an emphasis in Child / Adolescent Development.

Fun Facts: I love to spend time with my family playing games on going on adventures. I love to read and doing research about adaptive devices or therapy that could assist my child in learning a new skill.

Megan Fitkau

Megan F.jpg

Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Brigham City, Logan

Bio / Experience: I am a Utah native currently living in Logan as I attend Utah State University. I am studying to become a Social Worker. I have worked in this field of work for over 5 years in a variety of positions such as a direct support professional and registered behavior technician. I am passionate about working with people that have autism and other disabilities. I love doing humanitarian work.

Fun Facts: I enjoy spending time with my husband and our golden retriever puppy! I have played soccer since I was 6 years old and play soccer for USU. I love to anything and everything outdoors.

Jennifer Hammond


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Tooele

Bio / Experience: I graduated from Salt Lake Tooele Applied Technology College. I am huge advocate for people that have disabilities. One of my two children has autism, and I have learned so much from raising him (and still continuing to learn). I have lived in Utah my whole life and I have been an employment specialist since 2016. I love my job. I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to resolve problems.

Fun Facts: I love animals (I have four fur babies)! I enjoy camping with my children. I love to BBQ.

Barbara Pokrin


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Heber City & Salt Lake (Park City)

Bio / Experience: I am the most seasoned employment specialist on our team! I have a self-declared PhD in “Life Skills”. I have spent most my life helping individuals reach their goals and find success in their lives. I am always looking for opportunities and creative solutions to help those individuals with whom I am so privileged to work.

Fun Facts: I love hiking, walking, working in the yard and playing games. I really enjoy travelling and spending time with my grandchildren.

Janet McDermaid


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Delta (Including Nephi to Fillmore)

Bio / Experience: I studied at Dixie College in architecture and physical education. I have raised 5 children and adopted 3 of them. Some of those children had special needs so I am naturally a huge advocate for individuals I work with and understand what it takes to help them find success in life. I have lived most my life in Millard County have worked in a variety of careers including owning my own flower shop and worked as an EMT.

Fun Facts: I love creating / building (we are building our own home). I was a professional boxer and I have driven in hundreds of demolition derbies (have won in both the men and women divisions). I love to cook, sew, quilt and make crafts. I enjoy most sports but my favorite is to go fishing.

Alex Whiting


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Provo, Payson

Bio / Experience: From Midway Utah but currently living in Provo as I attend UVU to pursue my degree in behavioral science. I have worked servicing the transition-aged youth population at Provo Canyon School. I would love to get my masters as an international life coach. I love helping individuals find meaningful employment.

Fun Facts: I love the outdoors, any kind of recreation, art and film. I wrote and produced a short-film about WWII. My top 3 favorite movies are The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars, and Good Will Hunting.

Dee Collett


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Vernal

Bio / Experience: My husband I owned an assisted living facility for 10 years. I love helping people from all walks of life. I love my community and staying involved with community outreach. I really enjoy helping my clients get connected to our local businesses. I have worked with Innovative Harbor since 2016.

Fun Facts: I served an LDS mission in the Philippines. Born in North Carolina but have lived in California, Flaming Gorge and Germany. I love the outdoors, crafts, books, cooking and planning activities. I know how to ride a unicycle.

Megan Cox

Megan C.JPG

Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: St. George

Bio / Experience: Received my associates degree in social work from Utah State University and bachelors of psychology from Dixie State University. I was born in Arizona but live in St. George. I have lived in Washington State, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Logan, and St. Louis. I have worked for the state of Utah as a deputy probation officer, Red Rock Canyon School as a case manager and I’ve been an employment specialist for almost 4 years. I love networking in the community with my clients to help them learn the skills to find and maintain employment.

Fun Facts: I would love to obtain a Master's Degree and run a marathon. I enjoy hiking, photography, art, music and writing. I love spending time with my son. I grew up in a town with a population less than 100 people in Arizona.

Deborah Woody


Vocational Rehabilitation Office(s) Served: Blanding

Bio / Experience: I am in the pursuit of my Master's Degree in counseling. I love helping individuals find their voice and direction in life. I’ve have learned to listen and know what it feels like to not be heard. I have worked with Innovative Harbor since 2016.

Fun Facts: I am the first in my family to pursue a Master’s Degree. I enjoy giving time to help family, friends, and in church. I love cooking!

Jonathan Burton


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