Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia's story starts with his family. None of his family members have graduated from high school. Jorge (George) will be the first. He will also be the first to attend college.

High school was tough for Jorge. He tended to want to skip school with his friends rather than try to do the work. One of his teachers had him take a test that revealed that he was dyslexic. After receiving help and mostly because of his mom's influence, he graduated.

Innovative Harbor helped Jorge find a job in an area of his interest--auto mechanics. Labrum Ford took him on as a Lot Tech which required him to wash cars, pick up parts, drive customer's to and from the dealership, and other beginning work. After a year he progressed and now assists the other Lube Techs with their work.

The next step for Jorge is to attend a technical college starting July of 2014 . He is pursuing his dream of someday owning his own mechanical shop.