Stacy - Employed at Home Instead Senior Care


My Name is Stacy, this is my personal story. Due to my disabilities I was qualified for assistance to help me re-enter the workforce. I found an amazing Employment Specialist, Jenni with Innovative Harbor to help me through this process. I struggle with PTSD and severe anxiety and it is, paralyzing at times. Jenni has been phenomenal, talking me through the times when my anxiety and fear took over. She has a great way of talking to people and encouraging them. That really helped me get through this process of getting back into the world of work. She gave me the confidence and believed in me, which helped me believe in myself. Jenni started to meet with me to find me the right job to fit my needs. I had a very specific goal which was to find employment that was not too stressful and something that was rewarding. I needed a job soon to be able to support myself and my family and I needed a job that would pay well and offer benefits. Jenni coached me on my interviewing skills, how to find employment, create a resume and apply for jobs. With Jenni's help I applied and interviewed or a great job that I was hired for at the end of the interview. During this process I realized what I wanted was to apply for a care giving job. I decided with Jenni's help that would be a better match for me. I applied with the help from Jenni to Home Instead Senior Care, Jenni then called and help me schedule another interview with them the following day. I was hired that day with, Home Instead Senior Care as a caregiver. Jenni not only found me one job but two. Thanks to her for listening and caring about me so I could follow my dreams and ended with the job I wanted. She did not let me settle in a position just because I was hired at the first place we applied at. I make over 10$ per hour and my company is offering me benefits after 90days.

I am so grateful that I was accepted into the VR program and for the wonderful people that I've met thru this experience, Krissy, Erin, Callie from VR and Jenni my CRP. Thank you.

Thoughts from Stacy's CRP Jenni Lewis
I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy. She called us confused about what services we could provide to her to help transition back into the workforce.  We often have transition age clients but we also provide services for clients like Stacy needing help working through her anxieties due to a traumatic event resulting in PTSD. Stacy is very intelligent and had a ton of previous experience in the medical field.  Stacy was very reluctant and was very defeated by her disability. She had very low self-esteem and did not think it was possible for her to find something that she could do with her barriers to employment. Coaching her communication skills and encouraging Stacy to value her needs and wants.  This program was necessary to help Stacy become successfully employed. She works for Home Instead Senior Care as a caregiver. She makes 10+ dollars/ hour and will be eligible for benefits. This was very important as she needs to be able to support her and her family financially.  Even though she will still have support until she has completed her 100days of employment, Stacy wants to try the skills she has learned on her own, before asking me to step in. It is such a blessing to see such huge leaps and bounds and seeing her become so successful. 

Thank you, Erin Talley and Callie Whitsit for being so supportive of Stacy. Without you this would not be possible. I cannot say enough about how fast you have been to respond with all requests which helped Stacy be successful.