Jennifer - 2 1/2 Year Success Story


This is an amazing update on our client Jennifer who was placed 2 1\2 years ago, told by our Employment Specialist Jenni when she stopped in to see Jennifer at work.

Jennifer is happier than she has ever been.  Her supervisors ran up to me when I walked in and thanked us over and over for giving them the best employee and friend!! Jennifer is still working as a housekeeper and she has found her forever place with this role. She is happily sharing her life with her boyfriend, 1 cat and 2 iguanas in West Valley. It’s refreshing to be reminded that we change lives and help people not only gain the skills for a first time job, but help people keep a job that they love for years.

Jenni, thank you for the update on Jennifer and thank you to all VR Offices for the continued opportunity to serve such wonderful clients!