AJ - Employed at Stansbury High School


Innovative Harbor started working with AJ in October. At first, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for work and struggled to stay motivated. With the help of Jennifer, his Employment Specialist they found a job opening as an Adult Cleaner at Stansbury high school. This was a great opportunity as AJ lives down the street, within walking distance from the high school. He was hired in December and started his new job in January. The beginning of his employment was a little overwhelming for him. He was struggling to remember what his job duties were for his cleaning route. After some additional help and training with Jennifer which included going into work with him for a couple of shifts, creating a checklist for him detailing his responsibilities, AJ’s moral and confidence increased. He now understands and feels comfortable with his new responsibilities at work.

  AJ has been doing a great job and feels that this is the perfect fit for him, as it is so close to where he lives and he is happy to be working with such great and supportive coworkers. His supervisor and coworkers report that they are happy to have him be a part of their team. AJ continues trying very hard to keep improving at getting faster with his cleaning route.  

A special thank you to Robb his VR Counselor and Jennifer his Employment Specialist in Tooele for their continued support of AJ.