Jace - Employed at 7-11


Jace comes from a background of hard work founded on 12 years of experience working on his family's farm. Jace wanted to expand his skill-sets and gain some more work experience in the community. Jace started working with Janet from Innovative Harbor and they quickly got to work networking for job opportunities in Nephi. They put in applications and met with managers from a variety of businesses. When they met with the managers at the 7-11 gas station for an interview, Jace was offered the job on the spot!  He is cleaning, making and bagging ice, cleaning the pumps and anything else he is asked to do. He loves his job and gets along with all the employees. The employees and boss love him and can't give him enough praise. Jace has been working on the job now for over  3 months and is doing very well! Great job Jace!


A special thank you to Evan his VR counselor in Delta and Janet his Employment Specialist for their continued support of Jace!