Kyle - Employed at Main Street Pizza


Kyle has been working at Main Street Pizza in Nephi doing dishes 2 days a week, a couple hours at a time. He loves his job and the people he works with but was ready to leave because he needed more hours. When Janet, his employment specialist met him she realized that Kyle was capable of doing more than just washing dishes. Janet worked with Kyle to not only build his skills in making pizza's but also coached him how to better communicate with his employer. As Kyle gained these new skills his self-confidence and understanding of his abilities started to grow as well. Kyle was able to negotiate longer hours, work more days and he is even starting to make the pizza's. Kyle's boss is so impressed with him. In fact, his boss told him that he "doesn't want him to ever leave." Way to go Kyle!!!

Kyle is determined to be independent and have his own place and a family someday. In is spare time, he loves to write movie scripts and keep up with the Marvel series. 

A special thank you to Evan his VR counselor in Delta and Janet his Employment Specialist for their continued support of Kyle!