Rob - Employed as an Office Specialist


Hello My name is Rob Davis. I have been working with my Vocational Rehab Counselor Courtney in the Price office for several years. She has helped me become more computer savvy by supporting me with Microsoft Office training. I was able to attend communication classes at USU Eastern. She also introduced me to Faye, my Innovative Harbor job coach. She worked with me to help discover my interests and vocational goal, I love computers and data entry. I am a valuable asset to the individual I assist because she suffers from a brain injury and I can help her by doing data entry and other stuff she needs. Having a job is important to me because I like earning money. I like my job because I like typing information into our customer relationship management tool, uploading and transferring files and e-mailing the main office when I have a question. I am a member of the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council, I go to meetings once a month in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am involved in activities with Active Re-Entry in Price.
Comments from Employer...
I wanted to hire Rob to help me with data entry and note keeping because I recognized he had the skills and aptitude I lacked for data entry and note taking. I have a lack of focus and even develop headaches from short term computer use and it seems that these essential functions of my job take up more time than seems normal. Busy web pages are over-stimulating and I lose concentration easily. It’s strange but Rob alleviates so much of this for me. As we continue to develop his position we add things he enjoys getting paid to do, like printing forms I need or shredding forms we don’t need anymore. I value him as an employee but what’s more, we are friends we like the same things, like cats and cooking and funny jokes.

A special thank you to Courtney his VR Counselor and Faye his Employment Specialist in Price for their continued support of Rob.