Steven - Employed at Harvest Lane Honey


Steven is a very friendly, honest and compassionate person. He has been diagnosed with autism however his main struggle is anxiety. Steven has a very difficult time with having the confidence to do everyday tasks such as driving or interacting with others. He didn’t have any previous work experience and needed assistance with searching for and obtaining employment. Searching for employment was very difficult for him due to his anxiety preventing him from being able to sit through an interview without needing to take a break after each question, as it made him feel overwhelmed and pressured. Steven has been working with Innovative Harbor's Employment Specialist Jennifer in Tooele to find him the perfect employment fit.

A job opportunity opened up at Harvest Lane Honey in Tooele. They are a growing company that manufacturer beehive supplies. They understood how nervous Steven was and they didn’t pressure him with a typical interview. Instead they met with him and just asked a couple of basic questions and made sure he was comfortable with working there. Steven started his new job on June 12th working in the warehouse doing light work by helping the other employees with moving and placing cut wood in designated places and sweeping the warehouse. Steven is enjoying his new job and continues to work through his anxiety while he is at work. His supervisor’s and other coworkers are very patient and happy to help Steven succeed and feel that he is a good fit to their company. His supervisor and coworkers report that they can see Steven doing his best every day to do a good job and he is improving daily with having better self-confidence. Great job Steven!

A special thank you to Bryce his VR counselor in Tooele and Jennifer his Employment Specialist for their continued support of Steven!